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Once upon a time in Salamina...

……a local long travelling sailor, Vangelis Dimitriadis , often called by his nickname "Magoufis', returns from a very long trip longing to see his first born son. So he sends a young boy to call his son from school. The boy runs to school and knocks at the door of the third grade. The teacher opens the door and with a strict frown asks him what he wants. Then the boy replies with anxiety:
-"Ahhh...I want to talk to Nikos!"
-"Nikos who?" asks the teacher
-"Ahhh….Nikakias, mr Vangelis Magoufis son! " replies the confused boy.

All children of the class heard this dialog and from that moment forward began making fun of mr Vangelis’ son, calling him “Nikakias”, a nickname which followed him up to nowadays as "Kakias". Years went by and "Kakias", mr Nikos Dimitriadis, who always worked by the sea and loved fishing decided to open this fish tavern-“ouzeri” at his birth place, Salamina Coast, opposite to the “Big Stairway” (Megali Skala).

It has been many years now, that all our customers, locals and tourists, say: "Let’s go to Kakias place for fresh fish and delicious seafood…"

So if yourself are a fresh greek fish lover and adore traditional seafood dishes, we invite you to Salamina, in a cosy, friendly, hospitable place where you can enjoy a taste of "sea heaven" !